Q3 2023 Update on Executive Appointments & Executive Openings

Lead5 tracks executive openings and executive appointments for leading US based companies. Analysis for Lead5 for Q3 of 2023 shows executive appointments were down 7% from Q2 and Q3 executive opportunities were up 3% over Q2 2023. The YOY numbers remained elevated as Q3 opportunities tracked were up 47% over Q3 2022. Executive appointments for Q3 YOY were up 13% over Q3 2022 numbers. 

What does this all mean? While executive movement tracked by Lead5 remains below pre-pandemic levels 2023 is shaping up to be a solid year for executive opportunities and appointments. Q3 in 2023 has held steady at a similar rate to Q2. We will continue to monitor the numbers to see if there is any evidence of softening of the market in Q4 as we did notice a slight downtick in the numbers for September 2023. 

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